Welcome to JR Tucker High School PTSO

The PTSO strives to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone in our Tiger community

As we wrap up the 2023-24 school year, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, volunteered, etc to make this a successful year! From showing appreciation to our teachers & staff to providing senior scholarships, Tucker PTSO serves our faculty, staff and students in a variety of ways throughout the year. We are thrilled to have you here and excited to share some of the ways you can be a partner in supporting the PTSO’s mission – Whether you’re a parent, student, or community member, there are opportunities for everyone!

Thanks to Strange’s Florist for their donation of a weeping cherry tree to the recently dedicated faculty memorial

What PTSO Does

Some examples:

Who We Are

The PTSO runs by the hard work of a Board of dedicated volunteers!

Go here for more information about our Board and PTSO, and who to contact about PTSO topics

How You Can Help

No matter your situation, there’s a place for you in the PTSO! A few ways you can support:

  • 🧡Go Fund Me Donation Approved for Tiger Families💙

    As most of the Tiger community is aware, two Tucker sophomores died in a tragic car accident last weekend. On Monday, JRT PTSO members overwhelmingly voted in favor of donating $100 to each of the Go Fund Me accounts established on behalf of those students and their families. Thank you for caring for our community… Continue reading

  • Faculty Memorial Dedicated

    This afternoon, J.R. Tucker faculty and the PTSO dedicated a memorial to our deceased J.R. Tucker faculty and staff. Thank you to Ms. Finch for leading the dedication presentation, Strange’s Florist for donating the weeping cherry tree, and our Maintenance staff for planting it and creating the beautiful stone-lined perimeter. We appreciate the staff members who joined… Continue reading

Enjoy this brief video introduction into what the JR Tucker PTSO does and how you can support the PTSO’s mission! (Sound by JR Tucker Cheer and JR Tucker SCA)

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